Advantage for your Safety

Adsafe not only helps you feel safe but also ensures that you are safe.

About Us

Our production of Personal Protective Equipment draws on many years of experience in the manufacturing of home textiles. Our expertise in producing home textile products, supplied under the Adwin brand name, has made us a reliable partner for many customers across Europe and beyond. We follow the same approach with the Adsafe brand as well.

Why Adsafe?


Disposable Protective Coverall

The suit consists of a one-piece coverall with long-length trousers, sleeves, and a hood. The bottom of the sleeves and the length of the trousers have an elastic cuff made of a silicone strip…

Disposable Protective Gown

The gown features an enlarged front part and long sleeves with an elastic cuff made of a silicone strip at the bottom…

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